About Mealika


A lady with tiny ambitions, I am honorably named Mealika, the layer of flower. What’s special about me? Not much if you would ask yet too complicated to handle with. I literally find myself the odd-one-out among a group of people who dress familiar clothes with exactly the same behavior and perspectives. Probably, I fonder foreign cultural aspects more than my own. I nonetheless value and worship how unique and abundant this tradition of my ancestors influence the way I view the world. My hobbies aren’t many but I am a kind of person who definitely love to pursuit the happiness. I sometimes read and indulge my passion in sentiment contemporary novels, excite my soul by risky adventure and manifest my talents through creative arts . Drawing is one of my born-with aptitude. When it comes to enjoyment, I would love to scream the top of my my lung and sing my favorite songs and constantly beat myself up dancing to the profuse perspiration. Honest, funny, down-to-earth and benevolent, I cherish these inside attributes I possess. My ultimate goals are to explore this magnificent world and spread love to the destitute and unfortunates around the globe. Humanitarian work is one of my bucket list to pursue later in life. Not because I am Buddhist, I am supposed to help the poor or avoid the warning sins. Religion builds up my spirituality and guide me to the inner peace. Buddha preaches me to detach and abandon the desires whereas Christ teaches me love and forgiveness.

To me, philosophy of life is abstract. Either life is unfair or we are born unequal. And that is absolutely accurate according to my knowledge expertise and observation. Apparently, everyone seeks for freedom and peace in this global oppression. They, nevertheless, attempt to loose themselves in the isolation to search for their true self.  Happiness derives from within not outside world. Yet most people including me sadly strive for shiny materials or short-time indulgence to fulfill our flashlight pleasure. My principle toward life is “Nothing remains certain but change”. Hence, we have to adapt and adjust to survive in this aggressive world.

My perspectives toward the world is both obnoxious and kind. By the term ‘World” I mean the nature and sentient human beings. The five elements that give life existence to the earth is the mother of nature and every creature survival depends heavily on them. This is why we should pay our gratitude upon the earth, however, we thank them in abominable ways. Humans are cruel predators by nature. They deliberately take any advantages from nature to life in comfort. As a consequence, the world pays us tremendous vengeance through drought, flood, storm.  The only circumstance that human is worth-living is when they not only live for themselves but also sacrifice their time and efforts for the others.


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